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Hello to anyone that’s interested.

I’m Luke and four years ago weighed over 19 stone, ate to much of everything and used all the excuses under the sun, Big boned, it’s relaxed muscle not fat, nothing wrong with me, dense muscle ok yeah I was stronger than average but so unfit it was ridiculous. Loved food (still do) but used to eat way too much, but honestly didn’t think I was.

I Wore 36 inch trousers needed 40 at least but refused to admit it. Could not run 30 yards. Just sat on my arse most of the time.
Halfheartedly tried to lose a pound or two occasionally diet salads etc but soon lost interest. Gyms were poser’s places, weight watchers, slimming world cons.

Didn’t need them (that was what I thought at the time).
Chest pains, breathlessness, dizzy spells, well nearly 45 that is just normal. Blood pressure 190 over 140 no not normal at all. Sh** who am I kidding, not me anymore.

Didn’t go the usual route took time read learned accepted and researched.
At 45,  six foot tall 12 stone is roughly average.

Video By 2fotographic

How to get there. Gave myself a goal. Abs defined, not weight loss.

So I exercised a little at first and ate what a 12 stone guy would calorie wise. Permanently not a temporary diet that only works short term. If I was to change it needed to be permanent.

My Goals :- To see my kids grow. To be a better Dad and husband. To live not survive.

Seven months later and six stone lost, feeling brilliant exercising most days just 30 minutes. Either being told looking good or quietly asked if anything is wrong.

Then it got hard, how to keep it going, how to stay motivated and not regress. WW and slimming world were considered but a chance ad for a gym about to open, free tee-shirt to first three callers.

I got one of those Tee-shirts and have been a gym regular now for three years 2014 to 2017. I lost that last stone nearly have defined abs, can run 10 km, do obstacle course races, learning new pastimes like aerial hoop and acrobalance (look it up), 49 this year and I am fit, no chest pains no dizziness or breathlessness and normal BP, 32 inch jeans are loose on me now.

Apparently my tale may inspire, my way is not for everyone but if you want there is a way for everyone, go to a gym or WW or Slimming world, and they are not intimidating, everyone there is on a journey. No matter where you are on your own, those people will respect and help you with yours.




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